Sunday, March 27, 2005

Latest book's done!

It's Sunday and I'm still reveling in the latest book being done and out and off to the printer. This one's "Firefox & Thunderbird Garage," my 24th book. I have high hopes for sales on this one... well, I have high hopes for sales on *all* of my books as a rule, but the indications are that these particular hopes are going to be well-founded.

We drove over to the housing development in the south Eugene Hills to look at the lot where our house is going to be built. That's always fun. We made note of where the local mailbox is--across the street from our house; not bad!--and the fire hydrant (one door over; huzzah ditto). We're looking at what we can do with landscaping on the hillside above the lot. It'll be a cross between ground covers and maybe a strip where I can plant squashes and so on so they'll trail over the rock wall as they grow.

My joy would be greater if I weren't so darned sick. I've had some kind of mild cold for a few weeks--allergies, perhaps?--that's blossomed yesterday into what really *does* feel like a cold. Bleah. We sang at church this morning, but I slept most of the afternoon.


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