Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Keeping up with this

I feel bad because it's been almost 3 years since I updated my website's personal section or our joint website. I have hundreds of photos from the wedding and things since then that I'd like to tell everyone about... and I just haven't gotten it together. Part of it's time: it takes time to scan all them photos. It takes time to post them. And it takes time to write things.

But I didn't even get Yule letters out this year (and only got about 1/3 of them out last year). Last year, it was being in Indiana and depression (which is redundant) that got in the way. This year, it's been moving/not having a good place to do this/unpacking/inertia that played a part in sending out cards & letters. But damnit, this is important to me. Keeping in touch with friends is a big deal for me. We only have each other and there's no way to replace old friends that have slipped away. I hate losing anyone I was close to.

So I'm very pleased with my adding things here and there to this blog so far. And with any kind of luck, I'll eventually get pictures and so on posted to the websites, too.


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