Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend :)

I made a bunch of banana-carrot bread that was really more of a cake recipe. Good stuff! I took a loaf over to neighbors a block away who are finally back in town (we've tried to stop by several times in the last few months, but they've been out of the country on business and pleasure a bunch; catching up with them has been impossible 'till now). I gave another loaf--with a cream cheese icing--to Brian & Inger next door.

I also tried out a new recipe for bagels. They're not done yet, as the recipe requires you to let the bagels rest overnight in the fridge before they're boiled and baked, so they're currently out in the fridge in the garage and I'll do 'em up tonight. Should be pretty nice, though; they look very good.

The Babe was in Tacoma for the weekend at the wedding shower for one of her nieces. I'll see her this evening.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

And you thought you had no life....

This thing just keeps going on and on and on. (They used a lot of electrical tape.) I'm truly dazzled at what human boredom + inventiveness can come up with. "Hey, Beavis, whaddaya think 'll happen if I put the dumbbell over here on this track?"

There's a little sound, but it's really essential to a few of the things to appreciate the level of weirdness. Keep it low if you're at work and concerned.