Saturday, February 24, 2007

My sister's going to be on national TV

My sister Lorraine, who's a thanatologist, is off to DC to be on a TV show entitled Living with Grief: Before and After the Death. Very cool!

Addendum, March 3: Lorraine had said "national TV" when she was telling me about it, but it's actually a national teleconference. It's still cool, though, and she's selling lots and lots of her books. (Come to think of it, we need to get our little sister Susan to write a book and we'll all three of us be authors.)

My blood sugar's better than I thought

I'd been testing my blood sugar in the morning and it was coming out waaaaay too high, around 160. Uh-oh, that is not good. I'd been having some tingling in my legs that show that I really need to do more exercise (which I'm doing), but if my blood sugar's half again as high as it should be, this would mean that I probably need to go on insulin, a step I don't want to have to take.

I went to test it last night right before I leapt on the exercycle. I somehow screwed up the test with the strip and got an error code. It was the last strip in the canister, so I grabbed a new canister of strips. When I went to change the strip code the machine was reading, from 18 to 17, I found that I'd been using strips with a code of 17 and the machine was reading them wrong. (A stupid user error, in other words.) That was promising--maybe I wasn't as bad off as I thought!

I ran a test with the new bottle and showed as 142, which was perfectly decent an hour after having something to eat. I did half an hour on the exercycle and I checked again: 74. Hey, hey, hey!

The proof of the pudding was this morning: waking blood sugar was 115, just where it should be.

I still need to do more excercising so my legs don't give me ghost feelings, but I'm really pleased that it's not as bad as I thought it was.