Thursday, March 08, 2007

Names for Texas Hold 'Em hands

Here's some names for Texas Hold 'Em hands that I discovered while cleaning out my inbox:

A A - Pocket rockets
K J (offsuit) - Bachelor hand
K 9 - Dog pound
Q Q - Siegfried and Roy
Q 3 - Gay waiter (queen with a trey) (Okay, yes, it's tacky....)
J 8 - Jeffery Dahmer (ate jack)
J 5 - Motown
5 10 - Woolworth's
6 9 - Big lick

At the STC SoCal Awards Banquet

I was one of the presenters at the Society for Technical Communications SoCal Awards banquet this past Saturday in Irvine, CA. It was a really nice event, held at a restaurant that did not serve the usual rubber chicken dinner. I caught up with several folks I've not seen for quite a while. I also got to see my co-workers dressed up to the nines, which was fun. A very pleasant evening all 'round.

Me at the STC SoCal Awards Banquet, March 3 2007.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A nice, snappy little video on the police state

I checked a website I haven't checked for some time and saw this link. The video's really quite good, with excellent animation. Music's nice, too. It's short and office safe.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Scooter Libby got convicted

I'm sure that the SOB is going to get some slap on the wrist and probably pardoned by President Dimwit when he leaves office and is nominally untouchable, but, damnit, I'd really like to see Scooter Libby sentenced to the maximum 20-25 years for the crimes he's been convicted of and then have to spend it in a Federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

"Black Sheep" -- coming this summer!

There was a link to this movie on a discussion forum. It's very silly and I wasn't entirely sure if the trailer wasn't simply another bogus trailers for YouTube-like silliness. Could've been, after all: a movie about sheep in New Zealand suddenly becoming massively aggressive and cannibalistic after black-helicopter-genetic-experiments have gone disastrously wrong? "Sounds might fishy to me, Bill."

But no!! This is a real movie! has a listing for Black Sheep. It even has a pretty decent rating and people think it's a good comedy/horror film.

Well, I think we all remember silliness like Night of the Lepus (which didn't fare nearly as well as the user rating for Black Sheep) and Piranha (which did fare okay) and other such oddments. This'll be on cable soon enough, I'm sure; paying to see it seems like a baaa-aaa-aaaad idea.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

George Takei is so cool!

As I've said earlier, I really like George Takei. I always have. I now have one more reason to like him.

Tim Hardaway, basketball star, made a public rant about hating gay people. (He retracted it pretty quickly, but the NBA has sanctioned him even so.... and good.) But George Takei made a great public service announcement about this on Jimmy Kimmel's show. It's all over YouTube - just search for "George Takei Hardaway" or "George Takei PSA" - but you can try clicking here or here for a copy of the clip. George's response is a classic for making a point without getting angry. I love the way he laughs, too.