Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Black Sheep" -- coming this summer!

There was a link to this movie on a discussion forum. It's very silly and I wasn't entirely sure if the trailer wasn't simply another bogus trailers for YouTube-like silliness. Could've been, after all: a movie about sheep in New Zealand suddenly becoming massively aggressive and cannibalistic after black-helicopter-genetic-experiments have gone disastrously wrong? "Sounds might fishy to me, Bill."

But no!! This is a real movie! IMDB.com has a listing for Black Sheep. It even has a pretty decent rating and people think it's a good comedy/horror film.

Well, I think we all remember silliness like Night of the Lepus (which didn't fare nearly as well as the user rating for Black Sheep) and Piranha (which did fare okay) and other such oddments. This'll be on cable soon enough, I'm sure; paying to see it seems like a baaa-aaa-aaaad idea.



Bozoette said...

No way it could compare to The Killer Shrews or Tarantula.

John Hedtke said...

I've had both critters in my house at one time or another and they don't seem like the kind of thing that's going to be a real threat, no. But a wily sheep with an attitude, now, that could be a problem.