Sunday, March 04, 2007

George Takei is so cool!

As I've said earlier, I really like George Takei. I always have. I now have one more reason to like him.

Tim Hardaway, basketball star, made a public rant about hating gay people. (He retracted it pretty quickly, but the NBA has sanctioned him even so.... and good.) But George Takei made a great public service announcement about this on Jimmy Kimmel's show. It's all over YouTube - just search for "George Takei Hardaway" or "George Takei PSA" - but you can try clicking here or here for a copy of the clip. George's response is a classic for making a point without getting angry. I love the way he laughs, too.

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Tampa I Am said...

Hello, I was intrigued by your afib incident last year, and caused me to write. How have things been? I had my first episode 2/19 after a bit of a caffeine/alcohol binge in Vegas. Fainted in then airport about an hour before flying home to Florida, and then went tinot afib. They got everyhitng back to noremal in 24 hours, alltest(nuclera, chest, ultrasound, blood, EKG) all normal, so they sent me on my way with baby aspirin. Well, a week later and i still get dizzy spells, but dont feel my heart doing enything funny..wearin a heart event monitor for the enxt 30 days, my primary doc told me NO alcohol or ceffeine for a while..ugggg. DO you eve get fainting or dixxy spells, any afib recurrences..also, im 38yo.