Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stuff no-one told me

Just found a great site, Stuff No-One Told Me. The artist lives in Barcelona.

Here are three examples of his work.  Go to his website and look at all of them.


Quote du jour

‎FWIW, I have never met possums as a consumer, but I sure have met them face to face and given the way they stink, I am certain that the following quote is axiomatic.
"That's the thing about salted-down possum: it's just as good the second day."--Jed Clampett


Stabs from the past--the Society for Creative Anachronism

Here's a stab from the past: the Society for Creative Anachronism is doing a survey of past and present members to find out about their membership and where to go from here. If you were ever active in the SCA or are active now, please take a few minutes to fill this survey out. It's been at least 25 years since I've done anything with the SCA, but it was a pleasure to fill this out.

Awful library books

Someone I follow on Twitter posted a link to a site listing awful library books. These are books currently in public libraries that are just plain awful for one reason or another. Most of them have achieved awfulness simply by becoming totally outdated; for example, this book from 1989 on how not to catch a computer virus or this book on running a farm with wonderful comments about what the farmer's wife does.

Of particular interest are the books on states and countries from 30, 40, 50 years ago, such as this book on the Soviet Union from 1968. (Insert "In Soviet Union..." joke of your choice here.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We have a landscape design company coming in on Wednesday to look at our backyard and discuss what we're interested in doing. I keep thinking that I'd like a greenhouse somewhere--maybe not a big one, but big enough. The Babe is not of the opinion we'll have room and that it may just end up being coldframes. We'll see: I sense negotiation coming.

What I'd like is something that I can start seedlings in really early and also grow some of the things that need hothouse conditions, like peppers and cantaloupes. This year was so disappointing for even growing tomatoes that I'd like to be able to start seedlings very early next year and get a solid leap on the weather. And even keep some things in the greenhouse if I need to.

I'm thinking of something rather like this one, which is 6' x 8':