Thursday, March 22, 2007

Getting the office a little closer to what I want

I had a brilliant idea yesterday. I’ve been looking at what to do about my office w/r/t not enough bookshelves. I've been making some idle plans for putting in a bunch of very tall bookshelves with a built-in desk. So, naturally, I’ve been looking at IKEA for things I can do with bookshelves. I’ve always liked their Billy series of bookshelves.

And then it occurred to me that I already have two of them.

Not yet spoken for.

In the rich reddish-brown mahogany color I like that goes so well with the dark green in the office and the red-brown of the cherry floor.

And there’s no reason why I couldn’t put them into the office right now.

So I moved a 4’ table out of the way and replaced it with two very tall red brown bookshelves. The TV moved to the other side of the desk complex and I’m figuring out what to put on the shelves now. One of first things was the miscellaneous containers of rubber bands, bulldog clamps, paper clips, push pins, and so on that tend to stack up on the desk. (They’re still near enough that I can grab them easily when I need them.) The assortment of pills and vitamins--sadly, a large amount of desk space; I’m definitely getting old--is also in the book shelf.

I can probably move a lot more kibble to the bookshelves, too, including CD spindles, markers, and a number of other small items that take up too much room on the desk surface.

Hot damn.