Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Epic Win

I realized I couldn't stop--these just had me ROFLing.

OMG, they reformatted Kenny!



Whatever you were thinking of, just back away slowly and make no sudden moves


Epic Win!

There are many sites dedicated to things not going the right way, such as LameBook, Failure Magazine, Stick Figure Death Theatre, and Stupidity, not to mention the classic Despair demotivational posters. All of these are worth reading and are very funny (particularly Stick Figure Death Theatre--try Bungee Jumping if you want a quick taste), but they're none of them very positive.

But I just bumped into the Epic Win site. Epic Win is all about people doing Really Cool Things and you get to look at it and say "Wow! That's incredibly neat!" and feel good that there are cool things being done.

Want an example or two? Try this video of fun things done to a latté:

If you don't feel like watching a video, you can admire this picture of a Snow-Totoro:
Or, you can admire the generally meta flavor of this:

(Thanks to Skye Hughes for pointing me at the Random Sunday: The Bad Parenting Edition, from which I found Epic Win.)