Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sold another button

I sold another button to the button company. This one came out of an argument I was having with someone I'm related to. I was suddenly hit with "Even if it's not your fault, it's still your fault." That was so good, I had to write it down. (This didn't help the tenor of the argument, but I made money off the slogan and have sale #33 pinned up on my office bulletin board.)

Jim, who runs the button company, says that he'll sometimes be in the middle of arguments with his wife and she'll say something and rather than responding, he'll say "Oh, that's a good one! I have to write it down!!" This doesn't do a lot for his wife's blood pressure, apparently.


The Pep Boys: Mannie, Moe, and Jack

Bernie, Sebastian, and Yang are posing on the rolled-up Persian rug. I was doing lots of revamping to the network (behind me as I'm taking this photo) and I had moved a huge pile of debris off to one side, hence the rug rolled out of the way and the boxes of debris and so on).

The rug didn't stay rolled up for long, btw. I discovered that all three of these cats were sharpening their claws on the nap, which wasn't doing it a bit of good. There were little bits of rug yarns all over the place. I unrolled the rug asap thereafter.

Bernie and the Babe

Bernie has taken to sleeping on the couch in my office when he's not being helpful. The Babe stopped in the office and was petting him while we talked.

Bernie does make such a good conversation piece....

Bernie being helpful

De Murr asked me a few days ago how it was that I got work done with a cat this cute in the office. Well, sometimes it is a bit of a challenge, I agree, but I muddle through. I am very pleased that Bernie has taken to curling up in the office with me. BC used to do that as well, occasionally on the desk in front of the monitor, sometimes on top of the old CRT (where it was warm), and sometimes on my wrists on the keyboard. Let me tell you: it's difficult to type with a 15-pound cat draped across your wrists. More pix are available in the Bernie the Cat set on my Flickr account.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wonderful political thought

This was cited in The Washington Note as being from a handwritten sign in West Philadelphia
Rosa had to sit so Martin could walk,
Martin had to walk so Barack could run,
Barack had to run so our children can fly.
It choked me up. A lot of things about this election's results have choked me up.

BTW, there's a roster for signing up to help Bush get his shit packed and out of the White House. I've signed up for the 2-8 shift Sunday, but I'm sure we can use a lot more people.


Quote du jour

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
--Napoleon Bonaparte

The Babe is off to visit with family and friends for the weekend. I'll be working. (It'll be fine; I'll have the cats for company.)