Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sold another button

I sold another button to the button company. This one came out of an argument I was having with someone I'm related to. I was suddenly hit with "Even if it's not your fault, it's still your fault." That was so good, I had to write it down. (This didn't help the tenor of the argument, but I made money off the slogan and have sale #33 pinned up on my office bulletin board.)

Jim, who runs the button company, says that he'll sometimes be in the middle of arguments with his wife and she'll say something and rather than responding, he'll say "Oh, that's a good one! I have to write it down!!" This doesn't do a lot for his wife's blood pressure, apparently.



Anonymous said...

I'm rather fond of "Never piss off someone who owns a backhoe."

Traepischke said...

My personal faves at the moment are: "You hate me. You hate my mother." and "I'm marching to a different accordion". Though for you, John, it should be marching to a different banjo. Oh, damn. I've gone and scared myself.