Wednesday, September 02, 2009

President's Park, Williamsburg, VA

The Babe was out romping around in her excursion to DC and got to drive through part of Virginia. The Babe said that she even drove by the exit to Ft. Belvoir (my birthplace) but, she said, the large sign commemorating the event must've blown down.  Oh, well, budget cuts....

One of the places she drove through was Williamsburg, which is very pretty as is all of Virginia. But not all of Williamsburg is as pretty as you might think: there was one place she drove by that she had to tell me about: President's Park. President's Park is a park near the freeway that is dedicated to the presidents.  There are 10' tall busts of all the presidents there with a small sign with a few sentences about the president in front of each statue. You can wander around and look at all of them and be edified and inspired. 

It's actually a trifle silly. It's sillier still because they want $12.75/adults for admission, which seems a mite steep to me, but that's just me. Take a look at the website and see what you think. 


Bad cakes

Cake Wrecks is the latest silly thing.  Yes, she's got a book of bad cakes.  It's fun and tacky.  


My new favorite superhero!

Created by Natalie Dee.