Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wait, DON'T impeach him!

The Babe pointed out that impeachment at this stage of the game is a really bad idea... and unfortunately, I think she's right. If we impeach the bastard now, it'll take a couple years and be nothing but a huge red herring. There are things that we've got to get done now--getting taxation back to where it should be, restoring the Clean Air & Water provisions, stopping the war, and setting up a national health care system--and none of this will happen if we're busy impeaching some pipsqueak.

So let's not and say we did. History will record just how stupid a man he really is and the only truly appropriate justice would involve something medieval.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


It's nice to know that even Americans force-fed propaganda through the Fox News Channel have their limits for stupidity. I'm sorry that the margins weren't wider, but it's nice to see Bush grovelling. It's lovely to see Rumsfeld quitting rather than probably getting shipped out to Iraq without body armor to man a sentry post. And I really enjoyed getting email today from that basically said we've got a Democratic majority in place in the House and Senate, now it's time to move the agenda to impeachment.

Works for me. They can't do enough to that little weasel to even the scales, but the Talmud says that to publicly humiliate a man is to murder him. I like the idea of as much public humiliation for him as we can find. International war crimes tribunal, maybe?

It may be too late to save the world from total ecological collapse, but I now feel a small sense of hope that we might, maybe, possibly be in a position to do something other than rape and pillage. I'll sleep well tonight.