Saturday, June 05, 2010

"Around the world, across your town, and up your street...." (short for "Virtual Turnpike") is an interesting site that you give an address to and it shows you the street view for the address. You can move up and down the street, turn and look at things across the street, and so on. Try it out on where you live now, places you used to live, and even old family homes.


Quote du jour

Thanks to Isaac O'Bannon for this one.
"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead." -- Bukowski


Sun! There's SUN!!!

Well, there was sun, anyway....  Late yesterday afternoon, we had blue skies, which continued until maybe 2:30 this afternoon. It was actually warm, too, which was a pleasant change. The plants are enjoying it very much: some of the marigold seeds have sprouted and I saw at least eight sunflower seeds breaking the surface this morning. I figure there will be more later today.  

Had a lovely time at the First Friday Art Walk last night with Jim & Beth Weldy and their grandniece Caitlyn (who's in town from Tennessee). 

Back to messing with the scanner, trying to get it to install correctly under WinXP SP3. Bleah.


Monday, May 31, 2010

More gardening

Yesterday, we went out to Jerry's and picked up 4 more faux terra cotta pots, and a couple large bags of potting soil, and some more tomato plants, and a blueberry bush. Turns out the pots were slightly smaller than the ones we already had, so I just put one tomato plant in each one. We had a pair of dill plants that hadn't fit in anything (which is why we'd gone to buy more pots in the first place) and they went into two of the 1-gallon pots left over from the tomato plants. And then I planted nasturtium seeds in a bunch of the barrels and pots (there's always room for more nasturtiums) and created starts with a package of Velvet Queen sunflower seeds and "Sparky" French marigolds.

Jewel nasturtiums

Velvet Queen sunflowers

"Sparky" French marigolds

I looked closely at the plants yesterday and today and everyone seems happy. Most of the plants are showing new leaves, there are additional flower buds on a couple of the big tomatoes, the fuschias have larger flower buds, and the nemesia and dill are spreading out vigorously.