Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad Russian variety show

Okay, you don't have to speak Russian to appreciate this, as you'll very rapidly appreciate from the lyrics. The guy looks like he's had a bad job of embalming. I also want to say that this clip is something from a variety show in the 60s (based on the set and the colors), but I fear that it's contemporary from Russian TV.

Addendum: Sebastian Helm identified the singer as Edward Anatolevich Hill, information about whom can be found here (scroll down to find him). And yes, the clip is from the 60s. 


A day of cleaning and errands

The Babe's been cleaning up some of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen (who KNEW we had so much space??!?!). I have gotten my office floor vacuumed--I'd forgotten my Persian carpet here was a dark red--and have spread tax paperwork all over it for sorting and sifting.

We paused mid-day and went shopping for a new side table to go with the new couch, which arrives tomorrow. The house is really clean and we're decluttering all kinds of things here and there. More stuff going out on the PayItForward lists.


My MacGyver skill brings all the geekboys to the yard!

Oh my oh my oh my!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just when you think you've seen it all....

It's a G-spot mouse. Technically, it's the G Point mouse. (There are more photos at the link.)

Here's an interview with the designer, too. Okay, I really need to try one of these.

Addendum: here's a great short article with a ton of really good comments. Some jokes just write themselves, after all. 


Ayn Rand's 1961 address to the GOP is even more relevant today

I got this from Reut R. Cohen's website. She's an interesting person and you may enjoy romping around the site. The chiding that Ayn Rand gives the GOP is really choice.

Reut Cohen also had this comment, which I think says it perfectly:
This is even more relevant today than when Ayn Rand explained the necessity of favoring individual rights and reason in 1961. Today we can substitute "Islamists" for "Communists." The GOP should favor reason and individual rights--and move away from faith-based politics. Religion, though it should be respected as a person's right, is a private matter and the forefathers of the United States intended it to be this way.