Monday, October 29, 2007

Windows Vista: another bold step for Microsoft

My cousin Beth sent me a link to a great video about Windows Vista. I think they've hit all the high points.

30 years ago...

On October 27th, 1977, as near as I can figure out, I got my first initiation in the New Wiccan Church. This proves I have NO idea what, save for the fact that I'm getting old and I'm still alive so far to get older.


Yule letter this year!

I've been planning on putting together a Yule letter because I really, really, really wanted to get Yule letters out to everyone this year, and lo! the Babe did this a few days ago! We're now looking at how we want to print it and then we'll be ready to start the Yule letter & card process by the start of November instead of in a rush at the end of the season. Hot DAMN!

If we haven't got your mailing address or you think we haven't got your mailing address, please ping me with it and I can update the mailing list.