Friday, April 01, 2005

More "Living Will" thoughts

What with Terri Schiavo having been made a media circus by her parents (and the Pope dying as I write this), I wanted to be even clearer about my living will intentions and express some of my thoughts at the likes of the so-called “Right-to-Life” idiots that clustered around Terri Schiavo’s hospice like dung flies.

[Note: I didn’t write this, but I love it. It was forwarded to me by an old friend named Miryam G.; where she got it, I don't know. Credit should go to the original author, whoever that may be. I found reference to it on but I don't know that that’s the first place it appeared. I have made minor changes to reflect the fact that the author refers to living in Florida but I don't as well as adding a few comments of my own.]

[Update: The earliest reference I've been able to find to this is in a column written by Carl Hiaasen for the Dec 7 2003 Miami Herald in response to legislation introduced at time for dealing with the flap over Terri Schiavo's condition. I've asked if I can use this and I'm not going to post it until I get some acknowledgement of permission. It's only fair, after all]



Hypothese said...

I like this - this everything I've read so far this.
I am making it up as I go along though.
Hypothese - heebie geebies

John Hedtke said...

Thank you! :)