Sunday, March 27, 2005

Oh, and one last thing!

Watching the zoo with Terri Schiavo's parents (who desperately need therapy), let me make it abundantly clear to the world: I have a living will signed, but in case there's some question about it for any reason, I'll tell all y'all that I would not want myself in the same situation as Terri Schiavo! If I've checked out permanently, there's no reason to keep me alive and gorped out. If there's an afterlife, I'll be held up from getting there. If there isn't, it won't matter anyway. Throw a big party to celebrate my life and remember the following conversation (from Nathan Ausubel's book on Jewish humor):

"Why did he die?"
"Because he lived."

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Evie said...

I really wonder how many people support Shivo's parents out of a deep insecurity about their spouse making life-affecting decisions for them.

Thanks for the link, dude! I don't keep up my blog, but you can find me on livejournal:


Herb said...

Heya! I'm planning on declaring Sen Frist as my durable medical POA, after all he's able to diagnose anything!

And then there's Wil Wheaton's comments about it: