Friday, April 01, 2005

Herpe Oorpil Faal's Dei!

It's April 1st. Okay. BFD.

Far more important is that it's a Friday. The email and phone calls may slow to a dull roar this weekend as a result.

I'm feeling somewhat better, though this cold is still really pestiferous. I'll be glad to be healthy again.

I get to see my father next week! I am TERRIFICALLY excited about this. I don't get to see him nearly often enough and I miss him. He's coming to town for a knife show, which we'll go to together. I'm going to get a list of knife makers and dealers to look up who Dad may be particularly interested in. But the biggest emotion is massive excitement that I get to see Dad again and we'll be doing something fun together. He and I finally have the relationship we both want (it's really good) and I'm incredibly happy to have him in my life. Hot damn!!

Off to the P.O. to mail a bunch of books to a lot of different people, then back to the office to sort more papers.


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