Monday, March 21, 2005

Well, here we go...

I've been meaning to update the personal section of my website for a long time now. Years, in fact. And life just keeps getting in the way of my best intentions.


iFaqeer said...
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iFaqeer said...

Well, welcome to the family, Johnny boy! Youse all grown up'n a blogger're a blogger're a blogger now! [Can you guess which ...tune that is set to?]

Seriously, it's about blooming time you set up a blog. You usually have interesting things to say and calling long distance about twice a year just ain't enough.

PS: Do you mind if I forward your blog to a couple of young Indian tech writers I know in Hyderabad fro whom this might be a good way to see how some other tech writers think?

And did I say good luck! Good luck in this endeavour.

still trying to get a blog going about "life, technology and living in Silicon Valley" at