Saturday, February 25, 2006

Renaissance Concert MP3s

I've just about completed the transfer from my old, dying ISP ( to As one of the many benefits of the transfer (apart from reliable service and technical support that doesn't make me listen to 10 minutes of recorded commercials about overpriced cell phone service), I get 250GB a month of download bandwidth (for about an eighth of what I was paying before--ha!). This means that I can post the MP3s from the Xmas 2005 Renaissance Concert and let *e*v*e*r*y*o*n*e* download them.

Tips: When you click each of these links, you'll start playing the associated MP3 file. You can right-click and then save the MP3 file wherever you like on your computer. But, if you've a cable modem or other reasonably fast connection, you may want to download all the MP3 files in a lump. To do that, click here to download a zip file of the lot. You can then extract the files to whatever directory you want and voila! instant concert. Also, if you burn these to a CD, make sure that there's no gap between tracks.

Enough talking! Here are the files:


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