Saturday, February 25, 2006

Friday and a nice night out!

The Babe got off work and she, Susan, and I went out for steak at a steakhouse that had been recommended to us... but first, we drove by the new house site and looked at the hole in the ground.

Except that it's no longer a hole in the ground: they've got the forms up for pouring part of the foundation. The Babe was concerned that what we were seeing wasn't the same layout as we'd planned. I said that I'd phone and make sure on Monday. We drove around the corner to look at the other house that's ahead of ours. Susan really liked the look of it and was particularly pleased with her bedroom. There's now a skylight in the upstairs bathroom and the tub deck and shower floor are installed in the master bath. The shower looks much bigger now than it had without and the tub deck for the master bath looks huge (hot damn!). There's a step up from the garage into the house, alas, but only the one, so it shan't be horrible and we may even be able to put a ramp on it if we need to at some point. All in all, it's looking quite nice so far.

We went off to dinner at the Rodeo Steak House in Springfield, which proved to be a peanut-shells-on-the-floor kinda place (which the Babe doesn't like). It was Friday night, so there was quite a crowd. While we were waiting, Susan noticed the standard "Pregnancy and alcohol don't mix" and proceeded to tell us "Pregnancy and alcohol don't mix. Pregnancy floats to the top every time." This cracked us all up and when we got home later, I sent it off to the button company to see if it'd fly. (Saturday morning, we got a note saying that it was "offbeat enough to test" so we may have a winner!) Dinner was pretty nice, definitely worth going back there again.

Susan had wanted to go out bowling Friday night and the two of us were interested in that, too, so at 9:00pm, when the Friday leagues had cleared out, we headed over to Emerald Lanes. We got a lane and started bowling. Susan was doing wonderfully: she had great form and was really clobbering the pins. She and the Babe were both using their spiffy new bowling balls, and I used a couple of the house balls. I was still trying out the differences in weights, although after last night, I'm decided I'll go for a 15-pound ball. Susan and the Babe were both pointing things about my form, which I truly appreciated. And it helped, too: I had a 140-point second game. Not bad at all! The things that Susan and the Babe were telling me helped me lay the ball down much smoother and, when I did it right, the ball felt very light. In fact, a 14-pound ball felt too light.

Doing things with the Babe and Susan makes for a wonderful time. We came home tired and pleased. It was a very nice day.


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