Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cats in sinks

Susan told me about Yet Another Website for catlovers,   The subject came up because we'd gotten several photos of Yang in the downstairs bathroom sink. 

(The rest of the photos can be found in the Cat Pix folder of my Flickr account.)

Not long after we disturbed him, Yang could be found in a traditional pose and location, up on top of the monitor.

While Yang continues in his semi-perpetual somnolence even this afternoon (where he was snoring on top of a stack of printouts on one side of my desk), I am disabusing him of his right to be on top of the monitor. Not only do I find it annoying and a bit alarming when he leaps from the floor to the top of the monitor without warning, he lost his privileges recently when he leapt off the monitor and hit the desk so hard that he caused the computer and keyboard to lock up. I didn't know you could do that, but apparently, it's possible. I had to do a couple of cold boots to get everything to unlock... and at that point, Yang would find himself removed from the monitor whenever he tried to perch. He's slowly getting the idea.


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