Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Domains and email are almost there!

I got news from the registrars that my domains had transferred, so yesterday I pushed the button to start the switchover process from one server to another.  I was nervous I was going to lose a lot of email, but no, it looks like it's gone reasonably smoothly.  I put a different front page on my website at the new host, godaddy.com, and it now comes up.  I'm checking the email from both sides, the old account and the new, and the old stuff has tapered off as the DNS servers and mail routing tables are updated.  I'm hoping that it'll all be ready for me to kiss off the idiots at Nationwide.net (formerly theriver.com & oz.net) in a few days. 

It's take a special kinda stupid to achieve the working disaster that they've managed to pull off.  Only a Texas cellphone marketing exec could have done this in so short a time. 


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