Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday evening and we're tired

Busy day that started early. We got up very early to make 8:15 rehearsal and sang at both services of church this morning, which took us to 11:30am. We then moseyed out in the direction of Fred Meyer for the purpose of buying some box-sized clear plastic storage containers and a bunch of flats of impatiens for around the trees in the planting boxes. We bumped into a co-worker who aimed us at the Johnson Brothers Greenhouses out in Coburg. The weather was good and a small road trip (very small; it proved to be only 4 miles away) seemed like a good idea, so off we toodled.

And lo! it was well worth it! We picked up lots of impatiens and a big Martha Washington geranium and a bunch of other plants for the last barrel and a half a flat of portulaca for the front in front of the lilies. Total cost was a little less than $50 for most of a backseat full of plant trays.

The hanging fuchsia baskets were the most impressive I'd ever seen. I wasn't quite sure how we'd get one of them home they were so full, but with a car full of other plants and the trunk full of a floor lamp and sodas and things, it wasn't going to be today. But I know we're going to go back; it was far too cool a place to visit the once. Besides which, they gave us a half-off coupon on up to $20 of plants, so we just gotta go back to redeem that.


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