Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's been busy here!

I see I've not posted for a few days--oy! Here's what's been happening:
  • Picked up the plans for the new house so we can run them around to the various suppliers. Groundbreaking's probably Monday or Tuesday (yay!).
  • Started the switching process for what's currently the bedroom and what's been the "sewing room" but has actually been a bit of a dumping ground for a bunch of boxes of quilting/sewing stuff as well as stray musical instruments and other things. In the course of that, several boxes of debris were trashed--always nice to sift and dispose; just a pity we paid to move it.
  • Susan the Demon Child will be moving back in with us (yaaaaay!) and will be taking over the former sewing room, while what's been her bedroom will become the actual sewing room in a usable condition.
  • Went out to dinner last night at Beppe & Gianni's (our favorite local restaurant) followed by going to a concert by David Sedaris (of NPR fame, notably This American Life). He read some of his works, which are incredibly funny. You'll never hear the stuff he read last night on the radio; it's far too rude. (You can hear him doing some readings on the unofficial David Sedaris website.) David read a fable he wrote entitled "The Cat and the Baboon," read a long, meandering (and equally hysterical) story recently published in the New Yorker, and a number of other pieces. I'm going to see him again and recommend that y'all go see him, too. It was a Good Night Out.
Right now I'm in pre-game for a radio interview in about 15 minutes on Sci-Tech Radio with Carl Abrams, so I'd better grab a hot cup of coffee, look at my notes, and get ready.


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Bozoette said...

I adore David Sedaris! Holidays on Ice is one of the funniest books I've ever read.