Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Typing with dirty fingernails

It's been a day of domesticity so far. I baked a couple loaves of banana bread, which have made the house smell wonderful, and I'm been outside planting some of the bedding plants we bought last night. Like everyone who buys bedding plants, we bought too many for the barrels on the deck, so I'm trying to come up with spaces for some of the extras. We also got a small plastic cold frame with peat pots so I could start the melon and crookneck squash plants. I started all the squash seeds (2 plants/pot) and half the melon seeds (3 plants/pot--don't know how well they'll go; I've never had quite a lot of luck with melons), so I've got 30 squash starts and 20 melon starts. (Yeah, yeah, I know; I'm going to be giving some of these away to the neighbors.)

The biggest problem with planting this stuff is that there are a bunch of dahlias in the barrels already--a varying number. So I'm going to have to mix and match everything--alyssum, lobelias, petunias, geraniums, verbena, marigolds, more dahlias, creeping charlie, licorice plant, ivy, and some really pretty ranunculi--in and around the dahlias in place. A lot of things are going to end up in the ground where I can find spots (the front and backyards are fairly well landscaped already and there's not a lot of direct sun because of all the trees) and in a few hanging baskets that I had lying around. And the barrels are going to be deliciously overflowing with flowers. I got one of two tomatoes planted in a container for now; have to find somewhere for the other tomato plant.

I planted the last of the bush sugar peas the other day. I'm waiting for the sweet peas and the bush sugar peas to come up (I planted late, but it's been cold enough that I think we'll get away with it.)

There are now a bunch of spanish lavenders planted in the ground in the front and the back and a couple of rosemary plants.

Things are going to look mighty pretty. And fairly tasty.


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