Tuesday, April 19, 2005

How could I have forgotten???

You know, in my list of places that I'd like to live, I COMPLETELY overlooked mentioning Vancouver, B.C., and environs. I think it was so on my mind that I thought I'd already mentioned it or something... but, hell, yes, living in Vancouver would be perfect.

It has been pointed out to me that the problem with living in Ireland (and Scotland as well) is that there are no trees, which would probably be a crimping factor eventually. Well, not, no trees at all in Ireland, but it's nearly so in comparison to the Northwest. In fact, Ireland was completely deforested about 2500 years ago to the point that there was nothing to stop erosion, which is why you have all those incredible fields of limestone that are almost as infertile as the surface of the moon. There are mountains enough for the most part, though I imagine I'd have to go to the Alps periodically to see real mountains. Shoot, why not just live in Northern Italy near the Swiss border (or in Switzerland near the Italian border, for that matter)? Yeah, that might work, too.


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Trapper said...

So, now,where exactly WERE you? I saw lots and lots of trees in Scotland were I was...northeast Scotland, Aberdeen and environs. It was lovely and green and well-treed.

That being said, Vancouver is up there as well for places to live. I love it, and if I ever won the lotto...or came into enough money to do it, I'd buy a condo right downtown.