Thursday, April 28, 2005

Posting on the fly....

I've got a moment or two so I figured I'd add something to the blog.

The yard guy's here at the moment mowing and the like, so I'm not going to go out and plant until after he's gone--too noisy. The peas are breaking ground in a lot of places, though the sweet peas up against the fence may have been slowed or killed by an application of casoron granules a couple months ago for weed control. I hope not--sweet peas are gorgeous additions to the garden. I'll give it another week or so and if necessary, replant. The yard guy's going to bring by a bunch of large pots (that trees are shipped in) and I can use those for some container planting of tomatoes and melons. I think it's going to be a good year for melons.

Dick the Amazing Handyman (and a really nice next-door neighbor, too) came over yesterday and the day before and repainted a section of wall that we'd made some changes to and sanded and stained some new floor boards. I need to hit the floorboards with a little fine steel wool, but it's looking pretty nice!

Been getting a bunch of things set up for being the STC Region 7 Director, mostly downloading files and reading them. Going to be a ton of paperwork. I'll need to dedicate a couple file drawers just to this, I'm sure. Oy.

I'm baking a couple chickens and a bunch of large potatoes for dinner and the house smells wonderful.

I'm reading Lawrence Block's "The Burglar in the Closet." I got turned on to this series a few weeks ago and I recommend it for pleasant, light, fresh mysteries. They're written in first-person and have deal with the quiet adventures of Bernie Rhodenbarr, a burglar who runs a bookstore by day.


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