Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Election results: Region 7 Director or actually just "Director"

Got the news that I was elected to the position of Region 7 Director in the Society for Technical Communication. For those of you who aren't aware of the STC, this is a fairly big dog deal. I'm on the Board where I can wield ruthless power and so on... except there's no power to wield and no-one on the Board is ruthless--they're actually all very devoted to making the organization a better place, even though there is some difference of opinion on how to get there. But the common motivation is key: everyone's a volunteer (oh, there are minor compensations for some expenses, but it doesn't begin to add up for the amount of time you spend on the job to do it well) and everyone is spending all this time because they believe in the organization. That gives us all a basis for agreement.

The title of the job I signed up for and was actually elected to was "Region 7 Director," the director for the Rocky Mountain Belt, the PacNW, Western Canada, Alaska, Singapore, Rebublic of China, and Tokyo. It's always been true that directors were representatives to every member in the organization, but the sponsorship duties had them focusing on their respective regions. A referendum was passed in this election that makes all of us just "Directors" without any regional focus at all, so the job title's changed even though most of the job has not.


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iFaqeer said...

Well, I can't think of a more appropriate person for that to happen to.


And commisserations.

All the best! And we (or I, at last) are here rootin' fer ya. Give a holler, if'n yew think I can help with aneethin'. More thoughts, suggestions, etc. as I think of 'em.

Now to get round to re-upping my STC mimbarship...