Monday, March 12, 2007

Sacred site to be cleansed after Bush visit

From correspondents in Guatemala City, Source: AFP,

Indigenous Guatemalans said today they would hold a spiritual cleansing rite to remove bad spirits after US President George W. Bush visited the sacred Iximche Mayan ruins.

About 50 local people broke through a security cordon to reach the entrance of the park around the ancient city founded in 1470 by the Kaqchikel Mayans.
Four were detained by police, according to the protesters, who said they would carry out the cleansing ritual to remove "bad spirits and bad energy'' left by Mr Bush at Iximche, 90km west of Guatemala City.
Mr Bush and his wife Laura visited the site with Guatemalan President Oscar Berger and his wife Wendy.
In Tecpan, near the ruins, protesters set up banners that read "Out with Bush, the murderer, invader, fascist, criminal".
"No more blood for oil", said another banner.
Later in a visit to the village Santa Cruz Balanya in western Guatemala, another group of indigenous women weavers presented a hand-made woollen rug and jumper to Mr Bush.

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