Thursday, April 07, 2005

One last thing tonight -- fun stuff

Okay, this one last thing and then I'm grabbing a few hours of sleep before getting back to finishing the tax paperwork. (BTW, I've been looking for boxes of financial papers and so on that are still sitting in the garage after the move because we don't have a place for a lot of this stuff... which is why we're building the new house, of course. And as a result, I've debrided a fair amount of the garage: there are a lot of boxes and debris that have gone out to the recycle bin and a bunch of boxes that are stacked up and taking less space and I even have been able to empty a few boxes, too. It's very satisfying work and I didn't strain anything in my back slinging all these boxes of books around in the last few days.)

Anyway, this is something I need to share with you if you like guerilla street theater. There's a very cool group called Improv Everywhere. (Their motto is "We Cause Scenes!") Here's an example: several of the Improv Everywhere agents turned a McDonald's into a 5-star dining experience by adding a bathroom valet and amenities.


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