Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Decommissioned a computer

My former #1 computer, CHLOE, is completely decommissioned. I had tried to get it up and running with a new 2T hard drive, but nope, it was still dying unexpectedly. Examining it Monday afternoon when we were swapping out DVD drives finally showed how the damage from the lightning strikes this past summer had manifested: half a dozen of the small on-board power capacitors were bulging and at least three were leaking electrolyte. I'd had CHLOE as my #1 computer for a number of years, so it's the end of an era.

I could have the board fixed for $60, but you know... I just don't need a second computer at the moment. I may want to get a RAID box at some point, but I don't see any overwhelming need to do that now, so I've just scrapped it.  I've got some spare parts from it that I probably won't need, including 3GB of DDR RAM, a CPU chip, and a great big tower case that may be of help.  

I've now got more room under the desk as a result, too.


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