Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog's been updated with labels

I have been working on things in the background to get the blog posts updated with labels. I've worked through all 760-some posts and I've added labels to just about everything. In the course of this, I've been able to:
  • correct a few typos and missing words
  • re-read about cats that aren't here anymore (sniff!)
  • remember any number of things that had happened in the last 6 years (which is why I wrote them down)
  • look at maybe a dozen posts that I started and never finished and are still saved as drafts, some of which may get finished
  • updated a few posts that had additional information
  • changed everything to Verdana for easier reading
  • admire my writing again (humility has never been a strength of mine and, damnit, I like what I have to say here)
I have the labels listed on the right side, currently with the "cloud" format, where the number of occurrences for a given label is indicated by the size of the label. The biggest are funny, me, and websites. (Go figure....)


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