Sunday, October 01, 2006

We didn't buy that rug after all

We ran a zillion errands for the new house yesterday. First, we picked up some paint chips: we've still got painting to do after all that. Not only do we have to repaint the rather electric blue in the music room and the guest bathroom, Susan the Wonder Child wants her bedroom painted a deep red (that's the actual name for it, "Deep Red" from Benjamin Moore). We're painting the upstairs bathroom a light, frosty sage green, and our bedroom we're going to try a deep garnet color with the bathoom a lighter shade from the same palette. If we don't like this, we'll go for something different in a year or so.

After getting the paint chips for the painter, we had planned to go order the rug and pick up a bunch of generic white laminate cabinets for the garage to put all the garage-y stuff in. I'd noticed that Macy's was having a big one-day sale (which was lasting two days; go figure) on rugs yesterday, so we went there. We ended up buying a lot of Karastan rugs there (just a bit more than we'd thought about ), a shopping process that took about 2 hours. The salesman probably would've been driven crazy except for the fact that there were five guys on the floor for the department and we were the only customers there. Everyone was watching the Oregon Ducks game.

This morning, we're off to Home Despot to pick up the cabinets we didn't get to yesterday. Somewhere along the line, I should probably go shopping as well, as we're completely out of eggs and other breakfast-like things.


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