Friday, September 29, 2006

Rug for the music room

The music room just cries out for a persian rug. Actually, large parts of the house cry out for persian rugs--ah, the wonder of dark cherry floors!--but the music room most of all.

Now, as I'd mentioned earlier, we'd planned on having a beautiful dark blue in the music room. The blue we've got there now is beautiful, but it's a lot brighter than we'd planned on. We've been shopping for persian rugs and we found this one.

The only problem was finding a blue that actually matched the blue in the rug. You'd think that'd be easy, wouldn't you? Nope, not really: all the blues we were finding, no matter how dark, seemed positively luminous compared to the blue in this rug. But it is blue, you understand, although in person, it looks almost black.

After searching through samples from half a dozen different paint manufacturers, we finally found Polo Blue from Benjamin Moore. On the chip, it looks almost black, but we've learned that the color on the chip tends to be darker than the way it looks on the walls. More importantly, it fairly closely matches the color of the rug, so no matter how it looks on the walls (famous last words here), it should match the rug, too. Actually, having written that, I can see how it might not simply because the rug will be surrounded by the dark floor and getting a lot of white light bounced off the wainscotting, while the walls will be next to the white wainscotting and will look much darker as a result.

Okay, so the Victorians really liked rich, vibrant colors, too, so if we've got good colors, it'll All Work Out. (Spoken like a guy!)


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