Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ain't gonna have to pay two mortgages!

Sunday afternoon, we had people come in to look at the house. Nothing particularly special about that, although it was the first buyers we'd seen for about 10 days. They were a really nice couple with a 6-yo boy named Zach and a baby named Nathan. They all popped their heads into my office (I was working on stuff for Wonderware) and Zach asked if we had two cats. No, I said, we actually have four cats. I asked Zach which cats he'd seen and it turned out that he'd seen Bo in the driveway and BC here in my office. Well, I said, there are two more in the house. He was excited and went looking for them.

Everyone looked around at some length. They seemed to enjoy the house. I told them about the neighborhood and the neighbors (who we'd like to be able to take with us), particularly that there were twin 5-yo boys next door. We talked work--the guy (whose name escapes me, darnit) was wearing a ThinkGeek t-shirt that I recognized, so I figured he was into computers, too. He is: he works at Apple as a team lead and specializes in wifi in his group.

Zach reappeared to say that he'd spotted another cat staring at the fish tank. That was Yang, I said, and he just stares at the tank but he never does anything. The fourth cat was shy and he probably wouldn't see her because she was hiding under one of the beds, most likely. He ran off and a moment later I cracked up hearing him announce to his parents that they couldn't leave until he'd found the fourth cat. Luckily for their schedule, I was right: Yin was hiding under the bed as usual.

They left. I enjoyed them; they seemed like really nice people.

Monday, they wanted to come back and look again. The realtor said they really liked the house and were down to this one and another. Well, cooooooool! The Babe came home and helped me straighten the house and they showed up after having talked to a mortgage broker (even better). They stayed over half an hour and I ended up chatting with them for a while. Definitely nice people and worth the knowing. They were moving up from Silicon Valley for her job, not his; she's taking over as Nursing Manager for Labor and Delivery at PeaceHealth Co-operative here in town. He needs to find a job. I gave him my card and told him that, regardless how this turned out, I'd be glad to help him find work and he should get hold of me in a few weeks. (They won't be up here until the first week of November.)

Our realtor phoned later that day and said they were going to make an offer. Well, hippety-bounce-bounce-hop! Their realtor and ours came over that evening and presented the offer. We talked it over with our realtor and then did a counteroffer. Our realtor got hold of their realtor, who phoned them (they were driving back to Silicon Valley that evening). They accepted orally and today we got all the paperwork signed. The house is now "pending!" We're both very pleased. We'll be closing in the first few days of November, I imagine, by which time we'll be out and the house will be cleaned.



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sarah said...

I'm so glad to hear that the house went! It's also nice when you like the people that are taking over your old house. Good luck with the move into the new one!