Sunday, January 22, 2006

Me on a postage stamp

Apparently, you can get just about any picture on a postage stamp. offers a service wherein you can buy sheets of stamps custom printed with the photo you specify.  They're legal for postage and will pass muster with the USPO.  The catch is that they're really expensive! Buying a single sheet of 20 - 39-cent stamps costs $16.99 (the stamps alone are $7.80 of postage).  Prices start dropping rapidly depending on the number of sheets you order, but figure you're still going to cough up $4 extra/ even if you're ordering 100 sheets of 20 stamps.  That's a bit much for this, no matter how cool I could make postage look:


1 comment:

Bozoette said...

Hey wait a minute! That's Jerry Garcia! Nah, now that I think about it, it's definitely you. ;-)