Sunday, May 15, 2005

It worked out the way I'd hoped

I peered out the window and saw that it had indeed rained a little last night. Everything got watered, spreading the liquid fertilizer around nicely. I just went outside to see and all the plants are singing. The squashes and melons that I'd planted in containers are showing a lot of growth already. One of them has even thrown out its first true leaf last night, so they're happy with their new homes. The row of tomato plants is all standing up straight and tall without any transplant shock. And the beds of impatiens are showing new blooms and new buds. Hitting everyone with a shot of fertilizer was clearly the way to go. What really makes me feel good is that I hung up the big bass windchime. Hearing the gentle plongs in the morning when it's cool and sweet and green-smelling makes me happy.

I've been looking at podcasting sources and online references to get ready for the new book. The field's starting to explode! Huzzah!

And for those of you who haven't yet gone there in person or online yet, go, go! to the Seattle Teacup. While I was there a week ago, I replenished tea stocks and got half a dozen new flavors that I've been wallowing in since I got home. I'm drinking Pampelmousse Bleu right now, a light French tea with hints of grapefruit (okay, it sounds strange if you're not used to this, but trust me, it's a wonderful breakfast tea!). Yesterday, I had Aristocrat blend, an Empress Hotel knockoff, and an English Breakfast decaf later in the day. The day before, I had looooooots of Lychee Congou, one of my favorites: black tea with lychee juice so that it has body and a rich fragrance. All of these are in my new teapot, which holds three pints of tea at least.

It's all working out the way I'd hoped.


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