Sunday, May 15, 2005

Photos now and more photos soon

After almost losing my cell phone's phonebook and pix and games and whatnot last week, I've ordered interface software and a cable for the phone. I'll be able to pull photos out of the phone without spending a fortune to send them to my email address, making it a convenient low-end digital camera. Blogs are so much nicer with pictures!

Meanwhile, I'm going to have to add pictures manually here and there from my files. Fortunately, I've got big files of stuff. Here are a few scanned photos my father sent me of his parents and grandparents.

This is a picture of my paternal grandfather Herman ("Harry"), a bunch of his siblings (my great-aunts and great-uncles), and my patrilineal great-grandparents as follows. The back row is George, Paul, and Fred. Next is Matilda ("Tillee") and Helena ("Lena"). Herman ("Harry") and Ferdinand, Jr., are in the next row, center. In front are Margaret (my g'grandmother), Herbert, and Ferdinand (my g'grandfather). This was probably taken in Excelsior, MN, around 1915, give or take a few years.

This is a picture of my paternal grandfather in his early 20s. He looks a lot like my father and me. (The family genes bear a strong imprint on both sides--I like that!)

A photo of Corinne Kipp Hedtke, my paternal grandmother, as a very young woman. This is probably from 1918.


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