Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ah, sweet domesticity, or something like it

It's Saturday and I'm having a relatively quiet but functional day around the house. I planted a bunch of portulaca (also known as "moss rose") in the front near the lilies. It's a fragile thing to plant, so I had bits and pieces of plants that broke off. I watered everyone and will be giving them some liquid fertizilizer soon.

A trip out to the Johnson Brothers Greenhouses out in Coburg is once again in order. I need still more impatiens to fill up the planter boxes around the trees and I need to get a couple bags of potting soil: the tomatoes are ready to be repotted (I'm doing container planting for the most part for them since we lack much full-sun gardening space. The ranunculi are dying back and so getting a replacement tall plant might be in order for the barrels. I may look at tomato cages, too. Meanwhile, the bush peas are all up and maybe 6" tall, and even the sweet peas are responding, if a bit sluggishly. I'm also very pleased that the crookneck squash starts and the melon starts are all vibrantly healthy, so I need to find places for them. (There will certainly be extra plant starts, so let me know if you're in the neighborhood and want some.)

Susan the Former Demon Child helped me put oil on a wooden deck chair that needed it. It's now drying in the sun. We also re-oiled the surface of the deck table. And I've been clearing out space in the garage by moving boxes that have been sitting in front of the cabinets and putting their contents into the cabinets, leaving me (gasp!) some empty floor space. In two weeks, the professional organizer who helped us move Susan back here and also juggled the bedroom and the sewing room shall be here and we'll rip through the garage and clear it out. We could possibly even park a car in it when we're done--how novel!


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