Thursday, July 08, 2010

Federal ruling striking down part of DOMA

I'm very pleased about that part of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act was declared unconstitutional today. There was a huge outcry on the boards about this, including lots of stuff from a substantial collection of idiots who were demonstrating a profound ignorance of the law, what judges do, Christianity, the history of marriage, what the Constitution says, and homosexuality. It was kind of a clean sweep. Almost disappointing, really, that none of the ones I saw seemed to be able to rally even a cogent argument against gay marriage. It was all canned drivel, badly spelled and very poorly presented.

In response to this, though, there was someone who posted a really lovely comment:
All of you against gay marriage, indulge me and explain one thing, Without using the words God, Bible, Christianity, Sin or any other theological notions, tell me why two people who love one another enough to make a commitment as serious as marriage should not be permitted to do so? And spare me the argument that gay marriage would ruin the "sanctity" of the institution. Heteros did that a long time ago.


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