Friday, July 09, 2010

Crappy day in the office

My computer crapped out first thing this morning. I was worried that I'd lost Yet Another hard disk, a problem I've had far, far too much of this last twelvemonth. I spent the day without a computer and fretting occasionally.

But it worked out really well, you know? I had the idiot box on in the background and had lots of episodes of The Closer on while I debrided and swept and sorted and sifted.As a result of the enforced downtime, I was able to:
  • process a large stack of mail (mostly junk) that's come in over the last week
  • write checks and send payments on half a dozen bills
  • fill up my wastebasket and recycle bin, empty them, and half fill them again
  • dusted and swept (always an issue in this office)
  • boxed up some spare computer stuff
The office is much cleaner, better organized, and feels much more comfortable.

Best of all, the computer is now working again! Whatever was wrong with the hard disk was fixable using the RECOVER feature from the WinXP boot CD.  A few massaged sectors, a repair to the registry from the backup logs, and ~poof~ all is well again.

But the day did inspire a considerable amount of cursing, so it's significant that early this morning before the computer died on me, I saw the Periodic Table of Swearing. (Warning: This is so beyond the concept of "NSFW" you can't even see it from there.)

Addendum: I got a report of a link problem for the picture, so here's a copy. But try the source first, please: they deserve the credit.


Anonymous said...

403 on the link.

John Hedtke said...

It's coming through for me, but there may be a permission thing going on. Let me see what I can do here....

Anyone else having problems?