Monday, June 07, 2010

Quote du jour

Rush Limbaugh got married this weekend. For the fourth time. I shudder to think of the woman who'd marry a bloated fascist windbag like that. A good friend of mine, Seumas Gagne, who is not able to get married to his fiancé, Doug, because of assholes like Rush Limbaugh, said the following:
So that creature gets his fourth sacred traditional marriage to a woman 26 years his junior but I'm undermining marriage?



gkhaas said...

Um.... fiancée or fiancé? I'm not sure of the protocol in such cases.

John Hedtke said...

Boy howdy, there's an interesting fine point. Having used Seumas's spelling on this one without thinking, I'm nonetheless going to change it in the text to a single e to reflect that this is referring to a male engaged to be married, then.