Sunday, June 06, 2010

Adding labels to the blog

I've added labels to about half the blog posts. There are 750 blog posts, though, so this is taking a while. I'm also experimenting with the blog label display format. I can sort alphabetically or by frequency of usage and list things hierarchically or in a cloud. Anyone care to venture an opinion on what's most useful? 

I'd thought there was some change in the focus of the blog but I'm not sure that there has been, at least not as much as I'd thought. I've done the first hundred blog posts and the most recent couple hundred blog posts and they're not as different as I'd been recalling. The more recent ones are occasionally more political, but it's not like there's a huge delta in the types of posts.

I have been able to fix a few broken links and some typos here and there. And I've re-read a lot of things and missed my cat Bernie.

It's a good blog. I like what I've posted.


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