Thursday, October 30, 2008

Susan the Wonderchild is moving out!

I'm busy getting writing done at the moment, but I have to take a moment--mostly because she keeps coming into the office and asking for tools :)--and mention that Susan the Wonderchild is leaving us.

Of her own free will, she decided to rent a house with two of her friends. She'll be out of here in a couple hours, leaving behind a remarkably clean and empty room. She's taking Sebastian the orange kitten and Bo (the not-as-orange definitely-no-longer-a-kitten) with her in a few days when she's settled and unpacked. There will be a considerable quantity of stuff leaving the garage, too. (Hurrah!)

The house shall be ours. The Babe is likely going to move her quilting stuff up into Susan's room and have a work area of her very own.

It'll be quieter and we shall doubtless go through a period of empty-nesting, but it'll be nice to have the house to ourselves, too. And I think Susan's going to be very pleased with the experience of living out in the Big Wide Wonderful.

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