Friday, October 31, 2008

Irony alert!! Irony alert!!

An acquaintance on a writer's forum just posted the following picture.

Apparently, a Christian group decided that the economy's in trouble (yes) and that prayer was needed to help it (sure, whatever). They congregated on Wall Street to help out.

This picture shows them praying to help out Wall Street and the economy. They're praying in front of the primary symbol of a healthy economy: the life-sized bronze statue of a bull. There's a life-sized bronze bear close by, but for obvious reasons, you don't want to encourage the bear market at a time like right now.

Okay, it ain't a golden calf they're praying at, quite, but SWEET FREAKIN' JESUS, DON'T THEY GET IT AT ALL??!?!?


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Ray Williamson said...

John, this is just too good. The combination of free-market trickle-down capitalism, war-happy patriotism, and wood-church Christianity proffered by the AM talk show bloviators has always puzzled me. What holds it together? After considerable reflection I've decided that the common element is xenophobia. Fear of foreigners, fear of the taxman, fear of the godless hordes, fear of anything that can reposition the Barcalounger.