Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shades of Roger Corman!

I was sifting the email in my junk folder and I saw this lovely nugget: an email from "Brainhunter" with a subject "Greetings from Brainhunter."
Okay, would your first thoughts be about high-tech recruiting? 'Cuz mine weren't. I was definitely hearing Roger Corman zombies going "Braaaaaaains! BRAAAAAAAINS!! We want your braaaaaaains!!!"

Brainhunter's interesting enough as a job agency. Check 'em out.

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bphuettner said...

Hey, John! This made me laugh! Did I ever tell you about the zombie movie I was in??? that's right - me, made up in full zombie mode. If you remind me, I'll bring a copy with me to Minneapolis (it is only three minutes long)!