Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kazim Ali's "Poetry is Dangerous"

Kazim Ali, a faculty member at Shippensburg University, got hassled recently for putting out a box of old poetry manuscripts for the recycler, something he's done before on a number of occasions. This time, he was spotted by a ROTC person, who saw his dark skin and just knew he was a terrorist.

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Mel42 said...

This is awful! Just heard about it and darn the news is nearly a year old!
I wanted to comment-- I've been a student in the English dept there for some time, and am completing my BA this year in Enlish Lit. with lots of poetry background. My comment is that we have to look at both sides of this unfortunate issue and feel empathy for both parties-- I think Kazim could use this opportunity as a diplomatic spring-board, not take offense, and use this as a chance to create empathy between the races/nations.
As for the ROTC-- they could learn a lesson in balance and observation-- they have EVERY right to protect us and God bless them for doing so, but its important to realize also that there is a difference between concern and acting out of fear and neurosis.
Good luck to you both.